The mechanism in motion – Kinetic Art

The mechanism that drives the fingers is coming together.

Layered as a cake the one stacked on top of the other, the mechanism itself forms the wrist of the robotic hands.
It was quite difficult to fit all the moving parts in a wrist like form and keeping aesthetics in mind.


The mechanism consist of a program plate that holds the program for the motion of a single finger.
By altering the design of program plate it is possible to achieve every possible motion pattern.
A intricate cad cam design, and advanced in-house production techniques – resemble the old art of vintage clock making.


The camshaft type mechanism transfers the power form a single electric motor to a steel cable.
By a reduction gear generates approximately 1 rpm, on the cam (program plates).
The 1 minute timeframe will be long enough in order to generate a seemingly “random” movement of the sculpture.
The rocker arms will pull on the steel cables, controlling the movement of the fingers.
The mechanism will be build up using 5 individual sections, one for each finger.
By adjusting the design of the program plates each finger can move in its own pattern.


The mechanical mechanism is build up form aluminium and brass parts. All mechanical joints are equipped with ball bearings. A total of over 20 miniature bearings are used in the assembly for a single hand.

As a bonus the Cnc milling process produced some nice looking “scrap” brass sculpture….




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