Baileybots Face Concept in wood

This new art work, which has been called Face, is a brand new development by Marco Kruyt.

The semi abstract kinetic artwork shows the relationship between humankind and the larger system of matter and cosmic energy from which it arises.

The work represented one early form of the computer. Also known as solid state memory. The work is located at the crossroads of the digital revolution, and mechanical machinery, either automatons. In the memory of the work is only one bitt of information stored. We as humanity, and our cosmic origins.

The broader expression of the artist with this work will indicate the vulnerability of our existence.
The work must enhance the awareness of humanity, and its dependence on technology.

The core question is whether the industrial revolution will not prevail over human evolution.
And all of the rolling impact on society as a whole.

This relationship will be shown visually by a human face that transforms from an abstract mathematical pattern.
The transformation process oscillates between the two phases.

The work is entirely made from materials that match the theme.
Namely copper, aluminium for aerospace applications, and cutting steel.

The work bears a strong resemblance to Swiss watches and related skills.

This with the understanding that the construction is designed to provide at least one thousand years of life.

The entire mechanism, which is about 60cm wide, 90cm high and 25cm deep,
is powered by a single rotary motion.
With both manual and automatic execution.

The work shows not only the progress and development of Marco Kruyt. But again, the possibilities that modern industrial techniques now offer the art. And how far an artist/technician can come with relatively limited resources, and DIY machinery.

The entire work will weigh about 100kg. It will consist of about 1500 different parts, all of which are made at the artist’s studio.
There are approximately 100 million different motion commands dedicated to various CNC machines, in order to create the artwork.

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Technical information:

  • Dimensions: 0 x 0 x 0 mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight:
  • Drive:
  • Power consumption:
  • Control:
  • Movements:
  • Mechanical:
  • Materials:
  • Year:



baileybots face: rough version of the final result

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