This mechanical but lifelike, five-axis automaton of a Andrewsarchus head, shows the skill of the artist and his mechanical artworks.
The artwork presented like a hunting trophy, surrounded by a mural painting by the former Antistrot (Collaborating artists) on volcanoes and forces of man and nature. The head responds to the public, through pre-programmed behaviour. The art work is Commissioned by / exhibited at 3rdWard in Brooklyn New York USA.

Mixed media, wood and foam, and custom made automaton.

Exhibited at:

  • Andrew: Permanent exhibition at 3rdward Brooklyn New York 2010


The art work is Commissioned by / exhibited at 3rdWard.

Technical information:

  • Dimensions: 850 x 400 x 600 mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 20 Kg
  • Drive: Electric motors – reduction, 6 pcs
  • Power consumption: 12V – 0.45 A
  • Control: Motion
  • Movements: Cheer up and down, head back and forth, mouth open and close, ears, eyes, control
  • Mechanical: Aluminum rods, custom CNC machined parts, aluminum and brass. All connections are mounted performed, both plain and ball bearing. Drive on 6 axles driven head of a Andrewsarchus
    done through a random link from the plates patterned. The cycle time is 90 sec C.A. (by rotation)
  • Materials: HD 300 (blue foam), wood (teeth) and various skeletal components.
    2 Bohemian wolf skins and (plastic eyes of a big cat)
  • Year: 2010


Andrew at 3rdward NYC Brooklyn

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