Leinen & boley lathe: attaching a Heidenhain digital readout

Fitting a cheap secondhand set off Heidenhain digital readout linear scales to an old lathe.

Let’s first see if the Internet-bought Heidenhain digital readout kit for my lathe works.
Fortunately, it looks very promising.

Heidenhain digital readout

Mounting the first glass ruler
On an old lathe there is usually no space for the Heidenhain digital rulers . So being creative with your space during the conversion is  important. Mout the glass rulers as close as possible to the lathe. This saves a lot of work, and will benefit accuracy.

The first axis is fully assembled, and works well. The measured values ??are consistently lucky. So everything is working fine.

As the second glass ruler is not connected there is an error on the screen …

The protective cover mounted … and the first axis is ready.


Mounting the second glass ruler
The assembly of the second glass ruler is more difficult. There are not enough mount points available. I will therefore have to drill in the lathe.

I have some experience in adapting metalworking machinery. And I now know that old German steel is a lot harder – and better – than that Chinese junk they sell nowadays.  But I have made ??it!

And then it’s quickly on the cover ….

And then  attaching the Heidenhain digital readout linear scales to my old lathe is finely ready!

Detailed pictures of the assembly.

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