Design: Treasuring the particle

Design for a new kinetic art work: Treasuring the particle

The artwork refers to the exploration into the deepest origins of matter.
A new chapter in human history. Quantum mechanics, will change the perception of reality forever.
As Dante,  Newton and Einstein have already done in there times.
The artwork responds to this journey of discovery.

Treasuring the particle

Two moving robotic hands cherish the particle.
“The particle” being the only subatomic particle that we truly can observe – light.

The hands are built into the likeness of the tools -hands- of the artist.

Measurement of my hands.

Isometric sketch of a finger.

Outline of the top view of a finger.

All of the fingers into two-dimensional CAD drawing.

3D render of a finger.

First step towards production, programming code for the CNC milling machine.

To be continued …



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