Accuracy and self-made CNC milling machines.

Accuracy and repeatability are key facets of a – homemade – cnc machine.
This is also the hardest to achieve.

I am definitely not disappointed with inaccuracy of about 0.02 mm, on my home made machine.
A precision of about 0.05 mm is considered a acceptable average backlash.

To make technical and kinetic art, accuracy and repeatability are a requirement.
So after two days  of cleaning and tuning I am very contented, and the work can (finally) resume …….

until the next problem, hopefully not too soon ….
See some more about Baileybots Machines and toolroom (click on the picture below)

Accuracy and DIY self-made CNC milling machines. .Improving-stability-on-your milling machine optimum bf20 L roolroom-polaroid6244143373_1c88fde85d_m

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